Today’s Quick Hits, Sept. 7, 2021

More extreme winter weather: Climate change is causing more frequent contortions of the “polar vortex” of high-altitude Arctic winds, increasing the potential for severe winter weather outbreaks like February’s Texas freeze. (InsideClimate News)

Rats, drought and labor shortages: Stocks of palm, soy, canola and sunflower oils have been driven to their lowest levels in a decade by “labour shortages, heatwaves and vermin infestation.” (Reuters)

Right whale decline: New research says climate change drove North Atlantic right whales beyond their traditional feeding grounds, to waters where they are at heightened risk of entanglement in fishing gear. (New York Times)

Tyson strikes deal with unions: Labor unions agreed to support a Covid-19 vaccine mandate, and in return the company will back a new paid sick-leave policy for workers. (Wall Street Journal)