Today’s quick hits, Sept. 2, 2022

Monsanto wins Roundup trial: A St. Louis jury on Thursday sided with Monsanto in the latest Roundup cancer trial. The win puts Monsanto and its German owner Bayer AG at five trials won versus three won by plaintiffs. (UnSpun)

China’s water woes: After a record heatwave, Chinese provinces are planning to spend billions on new water infrastructure as they try to stem the impact of extreme weather on agriculture and hydropower. (Reuters)

Amazon fires spread: More fires burned in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest this August than in any month in nearly five years, thanks to a surge in illegal deforestation. (Associated Press)

Buffalo and biodiversity: Reintroducing bison to roam the tallgrass prairie doubled plant diversity and improved resilience to extreme drought, according to a new study. (Successful Farmer)

Farm bill and young farmers: Groups like the Young Farmers Coalition are pushing for lawmakers to address land access and barriers to USDA programs in the upcoming farm bill. (NPR)

Grass-fed beef co-op: A group of farmers in northwestern Pennsylvania have put competition and ego aside to join forces to market their beef together. (Farm and Dairy)

Seaweed farms at risk: As climate change intensifies, Philippine seaweed farms more susceptible to pests and diseases, threatening the survival of the industry and the families that depend on it. (Mongabay)