Today’s Quick Hits, Sept. 14, 2020

USDA seeks more hemp comments: For the second time, the Agricultural Marketing Service re-opened the public comment period for its industrial hemp regulations, this time asking for comment by Oct. 8 on a dozen topics including disposal and remediation of plants containing too much THC, whether to allow a longer harvest window after samples are gathered for testing and whether to allow more laboratories to conduct THC tests. (USDA)

Cheese rule blocks home delivery of food aid: Tens of thousands of low-income elderly Californians no longer receive home delivery of food through the USDA’s Commodity Supplemental Food Program, allowed for three months under a waiver, because of a century-old federal policy to include cheese in the packages. (Los Angeles Times)

U.S. offers $530 million in seafood aid: The Trump administration said it would provide up to $530 million in a newly created Seafood Trade Relief Program “to support the U.S. seafood industry and fishermen impacted by retaliatory tariffs from foreign governments.” (USDA)

More food waste during pandemic: The coronavirus disrupted the food supply chain and increased food waste, particularly for producers who sold crops to restaurants and other segments of the food service industry. (farmdoc Daily)

EPA won’t stick to ‘pollution diet,’ says lawsuit: The EPA is allowing Pennsylvania and New York State to miss an approaching deadline to reduce nutrient and sediment pollution flowing into the Chesapeake Bay, says a lawsuit filed by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the Maryland Watermen’s Association; Maryland, Virginia and D.C. say they have filed a similar lawsuit. (Associated Press)