Today’s quick hits, Sept. 10, 2021

Climate accounting fraud?: California allowed a ranch in Mendocino County to sell carbon credits to companies, even though the trees the credits were based on were destroyed in a 2018 wildfire. (Los Angeles Times)

Reforestation investment lagging: U.S. seed-collection and nursery capacity isn’t nearly large enough to counter the loss of trees to monstrous wildfires in the West. (Reuters)

Texas farmers restore grasslands: As drought and excessive irrigation drain aquifers, some Texas farmers are replacing crops with native grasslands and cattle. (Associated Press)

Vilsack reassures biofuels producers: About $700 million in USDA aid to help biofuels producers is still on the way, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said, noting that the package was now being reviewed by the Office of Management and Budget. (DTN)