Today’s quick hits, October 10, 2018

Food banks focus on safe food (Food Safety News): Up to 60 percent of food bank clients, such as children and the elderly, are high-risk individuals, so food banks put increasing attention on prevention of food-borne illness.

It doesn’t take much to cause phosphorus runoff (University of Montreal): Research in the journal Nature Geoscience says land can accumulate a surprisingly small amount of phosphorus before the nutrient – a commonly used fertilizer – runs off into waterways.

Wine growers burned by wildfires (San Francisco Chronicle): Vintners have rejected millions of dollars of wine grapes from northern California and southern Oregon vineyards on grounds they are tainted by smoke from wildfires, leaving some growers in financial peril.

Who’s behind the Salmonella outbreak? (New Food Economy): The strain of Salmonella that has sickened 57 in the ongoing JBS beef recall is “highly linked” to dairy cows, suggesting that dairy cows used for hamburger could be a source of the outbreak.

Farmer aid may shrink (Reuters): Sonny Perdue said that federal aid to farmers to combat price drops resulting from retaliatory tariffs could be lower than expected.