Today’s quick hits, Oct. 9, 2019

China-U.S. trade deal unlikely (CNBC): Trade experts, pointing to complicating factors such as new U.S. restrictions on high-tech Chinese companies and travel limits on Chinese officials, say it is highly unlikely that negotiations this week will yield a resolution of the trade war.

Glyphosate trial postponed indefinitely (Reuters): The maker of the herbicide glyphosate said a court trial alleging the weedkiller causes cancer, due to open on Oct. 15, has been postponed, with a court status conference set for February.

Broadband, a rural agent of change (Civil Eats): Broadband service, now available to 2 of every 3 rural Americans, could transform farm communities but it also could open the way to a wave of consolidation that favors larger operators.

Can you take hemp to the bank? (Stateline): People who grow and sell industrial hemp, including products containing CBD, are running into the same problems with the financial system that tripped marijuana entrepreneurs: Banks and credit card companies are unwilling to handle their money.

When ‘clean eating’ becomes an obsession (NPR): The obsessive goal of eating healthy food can turn into an eating disorder – orthorexia nervosa – that interferes with social interactions and is short on critical nutrients.