Today’s quick hits, Oct. 9, 2018

Astronaut farmer at the space station (NASA): U.S. astronaut Joe Acaba, a former teacher, has spent 306 days, or 10 months, in space on three NASA missions, including a stint on the International Space Station, where he ran a botany study that grew cabbage, lettuce and mizuna.

Ruined grapes become tasty raisin (NPR): The owners of a Napa winery hit by wildfire are salvaging smoked-tainted cabernet wine grapes for processing into a product they call RayZyns, with part of the proceeds going to a disaster relief fund.

Trying to flip three House seats in the Central Valley (Mother Jones): Democrats are trying to mobilize the large Latino population in three ag-heavy House districts in California’s Central Valley to oust Republican Reps. Devin Nunes, Jeff Denham and David Valadao.

Berry, berry drunk birds (Minneapolis Star Tribune): After several reports of birds flying into windows or acting confused, a police chief in northeastern Minnesota said the reason was the birds ate fermented berries that contained alcohol.

Fewer manure lagoons at risk of overflowing (NCDEQ): A daily tally by North Carolina environmental officials found 47 manure lagoons were in danger of overflowing, an improvement from 53 lagoons a few days earlier, but 41 other lagoons were overflowing or flooded.

Putting oomph into wheat (Seed World): USDA plant scientists are breeding wheat varieties that have more protein while removing phytate, a substance that prevents the body from absorbing some minerals.