Today’s quick hits, Oct 30, 2018

Corn will be king in 2018 (farmdoc Daily): Based on current market prices, U.S. farmers will expand corn plantings by 2 percent and curtail soybeans by 4 percent in 2019, returning corn to its position as the most widely planted crop in the country after a rare year of supremacy by soybeans.

American Petroleum Institute poll punches E15 (DTN/Progressive Farmer): The oil industry released results of a “push” poll, which uses loaded questions to skew responses, to say President Trump’s support of year-round sales of E15 is not supported by the public and may face a backlash.

Colon cancer deaths rise with pesticide use in Brazil (SciDev.Net): For the first time, the use of pesticides has been linked to sharp rise in colon cancer deaths in a developing country, according to reseach appearing in the journal Chemosphere.

Brazil aims to beat U.S. in ethanol (Reuters): Brazilian president-elect Jair Bolsonaro said that the South American agricultural giant will reclaim global leadership in ethanol production from the United States.