Today’s quick hits, Oct. 28, 2021

‘Haircut’ for USDA: Senate Agriculture Committee chairwoman Debbie Stabenow said that although agriculture and child nutrition provisions got a “haircut” during negotiations to reduce the cost of the administration’s social welfare and climate change package, they were still in good shape. (Hagstrom Report)

Striker dies: A 56-year-old Deere worker died in a pre-dawn traffic accident on Wednesday while crossing a street to join a picket line outside a company parts distribution center in Milan, Illinois. (ABC News)

McCain is ambassador: On a voice vote, the Senate confirmed Cindy McCain as U.S. ambassador to UN food agencies, including the FAO, in Rome. (Senate)

Food bank pinch: Even as the number of people in need stays high, food banks and pantries are being squeezed by both the rising cost of food and a decline in donations. (New York Times)

Lower fertilizer rates: Given the high price of nitrogen fertilizer, farmers should consider reducing application rates for 2022 crops, said university economists. (Farmdoc Daily)