Today’s quick hits, Oct. 18, 2021

Glyphosate ruling: The Supreme Court of Mexico denied four appeals of the decision to ban the weedkiller glyphosate and the sowing of corn varieties genetically modified to tolerate the herbicide, according the press reports. (AgriCensus)

Deere CEO sells stock: John May, chief executive of Deere and Co., sold 1,400 shares of Deere stock for $72,473 in the days before the UAW went on strike against the world’s largest farm equipment maker. (KCRG-TV)

Covid-19 in coatimundi: A USDA disease laboratory confirmed the first-known Covid-19 infection of a coatimundi, just days after reporting the first-ever coronavirus infections of a binturong and a fishing cat. All three animals were housed in a zoo in Illinois. (APHIS),

Leaving land fallow: There are a growing number of programs along the Colorado River that pay farmers to temporarily idle cropland in an effort to ease water shortages. (Los Angeles Times)

Local food delay: Release of the Local Food Marketing Practices report, originally expected next month, will be delayed until early 2022 because the pandemic disrupted information gathering. (USDA)