Today’s quick hits, Oct. 15, 2021

Billion-dollar portfolio: The Iowa Farm Bureau, “a nonprofit organization that sits atop multiple for-profit companies,” reported $100 million in total revenue, more than any other farm bureau, and has an investment portfolio worth more than $1 billion. (Investigate Midwest)

Califf for FDA?: President Biden may nominate Robert Califf to be commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration. He led the agency during the final months of the Obama administration. (Roll Call)

Heirs property project: A nonprofit law firm announced a project to help low-income Mississippi families hold on to inherited land that passed between generations without a clear title. (Associated Press)

Farmworkers left out: Although more than 100,000 people have filed cancer lawsuits against Bayer over its weedkiller Roundup, it is unlikely any of the suits were filed by migrant farmworkers, who may fear retaliation, lack the financial resources, or not have legal immigrant status. (Environmental Health News)

Fertilizer prices soar: The price of anhydrous ammonia fertilizer has topped $800 per ton for the first time since mid-July 2013, and nearly all of the major fertilizers are up in price by sizable amounts. (DTN/Progressive Farmer)