Today’s quick hits, November 19, 2019

Public health group: No new CAFOs (JHCLF): The American Public Health Association adopted a policy statement calling for a moratorium on the construction or expansion of the large livestock farms, or concentrated animal feeding operations. It also called for a ban on the routine use of medically important antibiotics in food animals.

Fighting citrus greening with ‘really healthy soil’ (Citrus Industry): Florida grower Ed James credits “cover cropping and focusing on a really healthy soil” for recovery of a citrus grove that had stopped producing due to citrus greening disease.

Grain prices likely to fall in 2020 (FAPRI): Farm-gate prices for corn and soybeans will be notably lower when 2020 crops come to market, “unless trade deals or other factors result in especially strong crop demand.”

Chasing Gen Z with non-alcoholic drinks (Wall Street Journal): Molson Coors Brewing is expanding its investment in non-alcoholic beverages, hoping to capture younger customers who are drinking less alcohol than prior generations.

Amazon drops grocery fees in Germany (New York Times): In its latest move to draw more customers to its online grocery marketplace, Amazon is lowering fees for German customers who order food via its AmazonFresh service.