Today’s quick hits, Nov. 23, 2020

Smaller processors struggle with coronavirus: Workers and advocates say smaller poultry processors have struggled just as much as the big processors, “often taking longer to implement fewer safety measures than their larger counterparts.” (Facing South)

Lobster industry hopes for end of chaos: Lobster fisherman and processors in New England hope for stability under President-elect Biden after the upheavals of trade war, heavy tariffs and a severe loss of exports during the Trump administration. (Associated Press)

Climate change in the cranberry bog: Hotter summers and warmer winters with less ice, along with wild fluctuations between drought and heavy rainfall — all stemming from climate change — are taking a toll on cranberry plants in Massachusetts, which grows a quarter of the U.S. crop. (Washington Post)

Small farmers okay with smaller turkeys: Small-scale organic and free-range turkey farmers may be faring a bit better this year, despite forecasts of fewer and smaller Thanksgiving dinners, because of a loyal customer base. (Harvest Public Media)

California wildfire kills hundreds of sequoias: The monster Castle wildfire in August burned portions of 20 groves of giant sequoia trees on the western slopes of the Sierras, with a toll that could top 1,000 of the ancient trees. (Los Angeles Times)