Today’s quick hits, Nov. 15, 2022

Rainforest pact: Brazil, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Indonesia — the nations with the world’s largest rainforests — announced a partnership to protect forests and pressure wealthy nations to help foot the bill. (Reuters)

Cell-cultured meat soon?: The chief executive of Upside Foods, a developer of cell-cultured meat, anticipates FDA approval “in the very near future” to sell the company’s products, including a chicken fillet, to U.S. consumers. (NPR)

Fertilizer scarce into 2023: Fertilizer shortages will persist into 2023 in many countries, threatening agricultural production and food security in Africa in particular, said a WTO-FAO study that urged G20 nations to allow open trade in the product. (WTO)

Food sovereignty support: The USDA announced new resources in its Indigenous Food Sovereignty Initiative, including a manual for transitioning to bison from cattle and the purchase of six seed cleaning mills for use in regional seed-saving hubs. (USDA)

Farm Aid hotline speaks Spanish: In partnership with two other groups, Farm Aid said it would provide Spanish-language assistance on its Farmer Hotline for the first time. (Farm Aid)