Today’s quick hits, May 7, 2018

Ground beef recall (TIME): JBS USA recalled over 35,000 pounds of ground beef after a consumer found pieces of hard, blue plastic in one of the company’s ground beef products.

White House calls ethanol meeting (Reuters): The Trump administration invited corn and oil-state senators to discusss unresolved calls for change in biofuels policy at the White House, with the meeting expected either today or Tuesday.

No till, the climate change tool (Harvest Public Media): New research by Iowa State University suggests that no-till farming could help mitigate climate change because it reduces carbon emissions.

The age-old argument over milk (NPR): The author of the book “Milk!: A 10,000-Year Food Fracas” says the dairy product is “the most over-argued food in history” due to its cultural, genetic, medicinal and economic facets.

Pruitt and water pollution in Arkansas (The Intercept): As Oklahoma state attorney general, Scott Pruitt was accused of moving slowly on pollution of the Illinois River. Now, with Pruitt as its chief, the EPA “has taken actions that could further undermine” Oklahoma’s efforts.

Beef exports set a monthly record (USMEF): A record $693 million in U.S. beef was exported in March, part of “an excellent first quarter” with total sales of $1.92 billion, up 19 percent from the same period in 2017, said the U.S. Meat Export Federation.