Today’s quick hits, May 5, 2023

UPFs and your brain: Scientists continue to study the association between eating ultra-processed foods and experiencing anxiety, depression and cognitive decline. (New York Times)

Immigration reform?: A fresh push for bipartisan immigration reforms is emerging in Congress as Title 42 controls expire next week and thousands of migrants amass across the border in Mexico. (Reuters)

Obama’s healthy food company: Former first lady Michelle Obama launched a food company for kids whose first product is a drink called PLEZi that has less sugar and more nutrients than leading fruit juices. (NPR)

Misguided #NoMowMay: Let your grass and weeds grow and bloom to provide food and shelter for essential pollinators early in the season? Good intentions, bad approach. (Associated Press)

Cut off wealthy farmers: Evidence shows a disproportionate share of subsidies flows to relatively high-income farmers. For reasons of both fairness and spending control, there should be income-based limits on the ag safety net. (Washington Post)

Wetlands woes: Spain’s Doñana wetland has been a rich farming area for decades and a wildlife haven for centuries, but climate change is drying it out as regional and national leaders scramble to protect it. (Reuters)