Today’s quick hits, May 26, 2023

Long-term investment: Although regenerative agriculture offers increased prosperity in the long run, producers may face revenue losses during the three-to-five-year transition period, said a consulting group. (DTN/Progressive Farmer)

‘Full use of aid’: Groups representing organic dairy farmers asked the USDA to “make full use of the $104 million” in a new aid program, saying their marketing costs are higher than the USDA has estimated and that aid will flow too slowly. (Organic Farmers Association)

Near-normal hurricane season: The National Weather Service forecasts near-normal hurricane activity in the Atlantic this summer, with a likely five to nine storms. (NOAA)

Funds for carbon monitoring: The USDA will provide $8 million to three universities and American Climate Partners to assess how climate-smart practices affect carbon sequestration. (NRCS)

Disaster in East Africa: Tens of millions of people face acute food insecurity due to drought in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia, according to an FAO official, who says the region faces “unprecedented disaster.” (FAO)