Today’s quick hits, May 22, 2023

Biden: food cuts unacceptable: In calling for House Republicans to abandon “extreme” proposals, President Biden said he would not accept a debt-ceiling deal “putting food assistance at risk for … nearly 1 million Americans.” House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Biden were to meet face to face on Monday. (White House)

Fetterman now ‘a joyful person’: Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman, a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, is wearing his trademark baggy hoodies and is “a joyful person to be around” after treatment for depression. (Associated Press)

Tastes just like chicken: With the FDA giving a green light to cell-cultured meat, 2023 could be a pivotal year for the industry, facing the challenges of bringing down costs and boosting volume, to prove it is a functional business model. (CNBC)

USDA research center ‘declining’: Three employees at USDA’s largest ag research center filed whistleblower complaints alleging years of mismanagement, delayed maintenance and staff cuts have pushed the Beltsville, Maryland, facility into decline. (Reuters)

First drought, then floods: After the worst drought in 40 years in the Horn of Africa, heavy rainfall in some regions has resulted in floods that displaced 1 million people in central Somalia. (Devex)