Today’s quick hits, May 21, 2024

Electric spoon: Japanese drinks giant Kirin Holdings will start selling an electrified spoon that researchers claim can promote healthier eating by enhancing salty tastes without extra sodium. (Reuters)

Pathogens travel with livestock: Tens of millions of farm animals cross state lines every year in the U.S., traveling in cramped, stressful conditions that can facilitate the spread of disease. (New York Times)

Cocoa farmers track plots: An EU law that aims to make chocolate more sustainable by requiring that it be traceable has left farmers racing to map their plots with GPS. (Wall Street Journal)

Oregon’s B-Team: Under a new project at Oregon State University, volunteers trained by the school’s Extension office will survey the state’s 780 species of bees and the plants that support them in an effort to better assess their status prior to federal evaluations. (USDA)