Today’s quick hits, May 20, 2024

Raw milk sales surge: The FDA warns against consumption of unpasteurized milk because it might contain harmful germs, not to mention the H5N1 bird flu virus, but sales appear to be on the rise. (PBS)

Kansas wheat recovery: After two drought-depressed years, the winter wheat crop in Kansas is on track for 290.4 million bushels, a 44-percent increase from 2023 thanks to greater precipitation, according to the crop scouts on the annual winter wheat tour. (Kansas Wheat Commission)

Iowa ‘fake meat’ law: Under a new state law signed by Gov. Kim Reynolds, meat alternatives, such as plant-based proteins, sold in Iowa must carry labels making it clear they are not meat and state-supported schools cannot buy lab-grown meat. (Radio Iowa)

Research grants for 1890s colleges: The USDA awarded a combined $30.8 million for agricultural research at the 19 historically black land-grant universities founded under an 1890 law. (USDA)

Rural Media founder dies: Patrick Gottsch, the founder of Rural Media Group, the parent company of RFD-TV and Rural Radio 147, has died at age 70. (RFD-TV)