Today’s quick hits, May 16, 2022

India halts wheat exports: Scorched by a heat wave, India banned exports of wheat in most cases, tightening the world supply already disrupted by warfare in Ukraine, with exceptions for governments with vulnerable food supplies. (New York Times)

Argentina approves GMO wheat: Argentina approved cultivation of GMO wheat — the first nation in the world to do so — but developer Bioceres said it would not put the seeds on sale for the time being. (Reuters)

Lunar soil grows plants: Scientists at the University of Florida grew plant relatives of mustard greens in teaspoon-sized samples of lunar soil brought to Earth half a century ago by U.S. astronauts. (NASA)

Less fertilizer, smaller harvests: In a communique issued in Stuttgart, G7 agriculture ministers said supply chain disruptions and high prices for fertilizers and other inputs will mean reduced usage and smaller harvests in many countries. (German Agriculture Ministry)

New Zealand dairy complaint: Canada is reneging on its promises in the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact to allow more dairy imports by awarding the quotas for imports to its own dairy processors, said the New Zealand government in its first TPP trade complaint. (Financial Post)