Today’s quick hits, May 16, 2018

Organic on the ropes (Civil Eats): Congress has proposed two major changes to the National Organic Standards Board as part of the farm bill, which critics say would make it harder for the board to oversee organic certification.

Visiting Bundyville (Longreads): A combination of print stories and seven podcasts examines the rise of rancher Cliven Bundy as an anti-goverment leader who views himself as a patriot.

Here comes the sun (DTN/Progressive Farmer): Agricultural biotechnology companies are turning attention to the complex process of photosynthesis as a way to unleash yield potential in corn, the most widely planted grain in the country.

How does USDA treat lab animals? (Washington Post): Government inspectors documented 16 animal welfare violations at USDA research facilities last year, re-opening questions of USDA’s research agenda and how humanely it treats animals used in its experiments.

Supreme question: Is soda tax double taxation? (Philadelphia inquirer): The Pennsylvania Supreme Court heard oral arguments over whether the city’s soda tax duplicates the state’s sales tax.