Today’s quick hits, May 12, 2023

Regen ag on Native land: The Environmental Defense Fund and the Intertribal Agriculture Council are launching a pilot project to help Native farmers implement regenerative ag practices. (GreenBiz)

Tastier vegetables: Modern plant breeders, armed with new gene-editing technology, are increasingly prioritizing flavor instead of just focusing on disease resistance and other traits that help crops thrive. (Scientific American)

UN to investigate Starbucks?: Labor unions on Thursday asked a UN agency to investigate whether gaps in U.S. law have allowed Starbucks to allegedly violate the rights of baristas organizing at the coffee chain’s cafes. (Reuters)

FDA warning on molecular farming: The FDA warned molecular farming startups that transferring animal proteins into crops — such as egg and dairy proteins into genetically engineered soybeans — will require strict allergen management. (AgFunderNews)

The Bear is back: The Bear, FX’s acclaimed series that chronicles the lives of workers in Chicago’s restaurant industry, will return for a 10-episode second season starting June 22. (Eater Chicago)