Today’s quick hits, May 12, 2022

Global food crisis looms: The director of the World Food Program asked for an additional $5 billion in U.S. food aid, saying warfare in Ukraine “is quickly transforming a series of already terrible hunger crises into a global food crisis” that could destabilize governments, cause mass starvation, and lead to “migration on an unprecedented scale.” (Senate Appropriations)

Kaptur joins House Ag: Democrats appointed 20-term Rep. Marcy Kaptur of Ohio to the House Agriculture Committee to fill the vacancy created by the appointment of Rep. Antonio Delgado to be lieutenant governor of New York. (Kaptur)

Food banks boost pay: Across the country, food banks are considering or instituting wage increases so employees can meet the cost of living in their area and to set an example of how to fight poverty in their communities. (Food Bank News)

Infant formula shortages: In recent weeks, infant formula has become hard to find — leading some stores to limit purchases — due to inflation, a major recall, and supply chain disruptions. (Washington Post)