Today’s Quick Hits, May 1, 2019

Indoor farming surges in response to climate change (E&E News): With the USDA offering incentives, 84 percent of indoor operations say they plan to expand, adding an estimated 22 million square feet of growing space in the next five years.

Meat prices rise, and restaurant chains scramble (Bloomberg): China’s swine fever is partly to blame, as McDonald’s warned investors its commodity prices could rise as much as 3 percent this year.

May 4 is World Naked Gardening Day (AgDaily): Launched 15 years ago, it’s described as a “fun way to promote wholesome and unashamed acceptance of the human body.”

USDA makes case for rural broadband (USDA): A new report says deployment of both broadband and precision-ag technology on U.S. farms could generate $47 billion “national economic benefits” annually.