Today’s quick hits, March 7, 2022

Price gap shrinks: The price difference between organic and conventionally grown food is narrowing, partly because some grocery chains are selling store-brand organic products at the same time inflation is hitting conventional foods. (Axios)

Poultry wages: The Justice Department has put some poultry processors on notice to preserve records as it examines whether processors shared information about employment practices as a way to suppress wages for employees. (Wall Street Journal)

Year-round E15: Major farm and biofuel groups suggested the Biden administration use its regulatory power to temporarily allow year-round sale of E15, now barred during the summer, to stretch fuel supplies and hold down prices. (Growth Energy)

Oregon OKs overtime pay: Legislators sent to Gov. Kate Brown a bill that makes farmworkers eligible for overtime pay, with the trigger point starting at 55 hours a week this year and dropping to 40 hours a week in 2027. (U.S. News)

China wheat woes: Agriculture Minister Tang Renjian said the Chinese winter wheat crop could be the “worst in history,” the result of heavy rains that delayed sowing last fall. (Reuters)