Today’s quick hits, March 4, 2019

Fish farming expands, overfishing continues (Forbes): With consumption of seafood on the rise, aquaculture is expanding but overfishing of the ocean continues partly because feed rations for fish farms include wild-caught fish.

Truly, a sting operation (Vice News): When bee bandits strike during pollination time in California’s Central Valley, Butte County deputy sheriff Rowdy Freeman is the officer on the job.

June cut-off dates for dicamba (DTN/Progressive Farmer): State agriculture officials in Illinois set a June 30 cut-off date while Minnesota chose a June 20 cut-off for spraying the weedkiller dicamba on soybeans in hopes of preventing damage to nearby crops; Indiana considered a June 30 cutoff but abandoned the idea after consulting farm and agribusiness groups.

Saving aquifers may mean fallow land (New Food Economy): The think tank Public Policy Institute says 535,000 acres of farmland are likely to be fallowed in California if farmers reduce their use of irrigation water in order to restore aquifers.

Getting back into China (Minneapolis Star Tribune): China may become so accustomed to alternatives to U.S. soybeans, whether they’re canola and sunflowers or Brazilian soy, that it will be difficult to win sales for U.S. soybeans when the trade war ends, say analysts.