Today’s quick hits, March 3, 2021

Vilsack talks climate: Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said on social media that he discussed climate change and food security during online meetings with Agriculture Minister Victor Villalobos of Mexico and Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau of Canada. (Vilsack)

Not in India: U.S. apples are effectively shut out of India due to new regulations that require imports to be certified as non-GMO. The USDA does not issue such documentation, said the head of the Northwest Horticultural Council. (Fruitnet)

Kelp against warming: Running Tide Technologies has an idea how to slow climate change – bury massive amounts of carbon-containing seaweed at the bottom of the ocean, where it will stay for centuries. (NPR)

High-risk list: The Government Accountability Office called for better federal oversight of food safety in its annual High-Risk List of programs that need improvement; food safety has been on the list since 2007. (GAO)

Fish welfare rules: As momentum grows for better treatment of food-bearing animals, activists are calling for attention to fish, which are farmed in higher numbers than any other animal. (Vice)