Today’s quick hits, March 29, 2021

Heat protection legislation: Companion Senate and House bills would mandate an OSHA rule to protect workers, including farmworkers, in dangerously hot conditions with steps such as paid breaks in cool areas, access to water and time limits on exposure to heat. (Padilla)

No more ’boutique’ crops: After last year’s coronavirus upheaval in the restaurant and food-service market, fruit and vegetable farmers are planting a smaller variety of crops and focusing on crops with a sure market. “No one is trying to wow a high-end chef.” (The Counter)

‘Best guardians’ of forests: Deforestation rates are significantly lower in indigenous and tribal territories in countries where the government has recognized collective land rights, says a new report. (Food and Agriculture Organization)

Fewer hogs on farms: A survey of 4,900 producers found 74.8 million hogs on U.S. farms on March 1, down 2 percent from a year earlier. (USDA)

Cloud seeding during drought: Several states are considering cloud seeding as a dramatic intervention that could ease the impact of drought in the West. (Guardian)