Today’s quick hits, March 28, 2022

Biden seeks wealth tax: As part of its proposed budget for the fiscal year that begins Oct. 1, the White House will ask Congress to approve a minimum tax targeting billionaires; it would apply to around 700 Americans. (Washington Post)

USDA offers meat grants: Up to $23.6 million will be awarded in competitive grants to groups that would provide technical assistance to small and mid-sized meat and poultry processors who want to expand their operations. (USDA)

U.S. lets food flow: As the Biden administration applies economic sanctions to Russia, it allows U.S. food and agribusiness companies to continue operations in Russia in order to keep food exports moving. (Politico)

Global croplands expand: In the past two decades, cropland around the world has expanded 9 percent, a space equal to the size of Egypt, half of it replacing natural vegetation such as grasslands and forests, according to a project at the University of Maryland. (NASA)

China urges self-sufficiency: Chinese leaders put new emphasis on domestic grain and fertilizer production amid the surge in commodity prices that accompanied warfare in Ukraine. (South China Morning Post)