Today’s quick hits, March 26, 2021

Bumper crop: World grain production is projected to surge 3 percent in 2021/22, to a record 2.287 million tonnes, led by the largest-ever wheat, corn, and barley harvests. (International Grains Council)

Sticky meat prices: Beef prices have stayed stubbornly high so far this year due to sustained demand, disruptions at packing plants caused by storms in February, and high feed costs for producers. (USDA)

Rodale expands in Midwest: The Rodale Institute, based in Pennsylvania, has hired two additional consultants to assist conventional farmers in the Midwest who want to convert to organic production. (Newslocker)

Taste and texture: Public perception remains a barrier to market expansion for planted-based meat alternatives. (Harvest Public Media)

Setback for CBD: Amy Abernethy, principal deputy commissioner of the FDA, will leave the agency in mid-April, possibly slowing work on the regulation and marketing of CBD, a lucrative derivative of industrial hemp. (Hemp Industry Daily)