Today’s quick hits, March 21, 2018

Farm bill cuts endanger black farmers (KCUR): Black farmers fought hard for a farm bill program that helps minority farmers. But its fate is uncertain as cuts to farm bill programs seem inevitable.

Hunting’s conservation role (NPR): It may seem counterintuitive, but hunting is essential for conservation efforts in many states. As the hobby declines, conservation funding is dwindling.

The fate of food labels (New York Times): The Trump administration is reportedly using the NAFTA renegotiation as a way to limit Mexico and Canada’s ability to put warning labels on junk food.

Walmart explores farm automation (Feedstuffs): Over the past year, Walmart applied for six patents involving farm automation, including a robot bee, and says it is interested in “new concepts and ways that will further enhance how we service customers.”

Big trouble for spinach seed (Growing Produce): In the Pacific Northwest, spinach seed, “a tiny crop with huge value,” is under threat from a fungal disease.

A robot tries picking strawberries (NPR): A 12-row robotic strawberry picker the size of a bus is slowly learning the difficult job of finding a ripe strawberry and picking it.

Ryan nixes Section 199A fix (Politico): Democrats are asking too high a price, so House Speaker Paul Ryan is blocking congressional correction of the “grain glitch” in Section 199A of the tax-cut law.