Today’s quick hits, March 18, 2021

Tai confirmed as U.S. trade rep: Katherine Tai, a longtime congressional staff lawyer, won Senate confirmation on Wednesday as the first woman of color to serve as the top U.S. trade negotiator. (Washington Post)

Mexico to crack down on migrants: Mexico is preparing to significantly reinforce efforts to detain U.S.-bound migrants who illegally cross its border with Guatemala. (Reuters)

More meatpacking workers vaccinated: Tyson Foods says 15,000 of its workers have been vaccinated at 30 vaccine sites across the country, and plans this week to expand its vaccination efforts to more of its workers in Arkansas and Missouri. (Joplin Globe)

Short corn more storm resistant: The chemical company Bayer found that its test fields of “short-stature corn” survived last year’s Iowa derecho better than tall corn; the company expects to start selling the new corn variety in 2023. (Des Moines Register)