Today’s quick hits, March 17, 2022

Longer allergy season: Climate change means that the allergy season will begin sooner and last longer, with pollen levels in some places that are three times higher than they are now, said a study in the journal Nature Communications. (CBS News)

Stricter dicamba rules: The EPA approved amendments to the dicamba label that set earlier cutoff dates for using the weedkiller in Iowa and Minnesota in hopes of reducing damage to neighboring crops. (DTN/Progressive Farmer)

Ag research partners: The SoAR Foundation and the National Coalition for Food and Agricultural Research will work together in developing recommendations for the ag research title of the 2023 farm bill. (SoAR)

Rural-rebellion funder: A wealthy former filmmaker and vineyard owner donated to the successful right-wing recall campaign against a Shasta County supervisor in Northern California and holds the record of $550,000 in donations to local races. (Los Angeles Times)

Restaurateurs aid dairy: New York chefs Tom Colicchio and Dan Barber said they would buy half of the dairy products they need for their restaurants from organic dairy farms in the U.S. Northeast that have lost contracts with milk processors. (Northeast Organic Family Farm Partnership)