Today’s quick hits, March 12, 2018

Creamery squashed by Whole Foods (New Food Economy): Soon after Whole Foods was acquired by Amazon, an Atlanta yogurt company found itself dropped from the retailer’s shelves.

Bugs, weeds and veggie burgers that bleed (National Geographic): When there are 9 billion people to feed, dinner won’t look like it does these days.

La Niña on her way out (NOAA)): The La Niña weather pattern, which brought crop-crippling drought to Argentina, should disappear by May, with normal weather through the summer.

Organic industry wants a hearing (Globe Newswire): The Organic Trade Association wants a federal judge to schedule oral arguments on whether USDA should be forced to implement animal-welfare standards for livestock on organic farms.

Striped bass move north as Atlantic warms (Hakai Magazine): The fish, which ranges as far south as Florida, is being caught in Newfoundland.