Today’s quick hits, June 4, 2020

Not quite ‘truck to trunk’ (Food Bank News): While the USDA’s Farmers to Families Food Box program has jump-started the movement of millions of pounds of food to hungry Americans, food banks are incurring substantial additional costs, such as storage space for the food when it arrives or vehicles to carry it to distribution points.

The future of water (KUNC): A New York hedge fund is creating a stir in Colorado’s Grand Valley by buying irrigated farmland as an investment in the future value of water, prompting state legislators to look at strengthening a law against water speculation.

Tyson returns to pre-Covid policy (Bloomberg): Tyson Foods said it is reinstating its standard attendance policy, which punishes workers for missing work due to illness, though the company says employees who test positive for the coronavirus will continue to qualify for short-term disability pay.

China cancels ag deals (Teletrader): China has canceled some of its purchases of U.S. farm exports, including corn, pork, cotton, and livestock feed, unnamed Chinese shipping officials told the Wall Street Journal.

Rural counties best and worst for the virus (Daily Yonder): Rural America was at both ends of the U.S. pandemic spectrum in May: Hundreds of counties had few or no cases of the coronavirus, but three-quarters of the 100 U.S. counties with the highest infection rates were rural.