Today’s quick hits, June 30, 2020

‘Small, positive effect’: The trade deals of the past four decades had only “a small, positive effect” on growth and employment in the massive U.S. economy, said the U.S. International Trade Commission in a report ordered by Congress. (Politico)

Cookout costs stable: Groceries for an Independence Day cookout cost an average of $6 per person, a couple of pennies less than last year, with lower pork and beef prices offsetting the rising cost of cookies, strawberries and ice cream for dessert. (AFBF)

Food in the freedge: The so-called community refrigerator, sometimes called a “freedge” because it has free food for passersby, is more common in the aftermath of the pandemic and the increase in hunger. (Washington Post)

GE Arctic Gala: A variety of the Arctic Gala apple that was genetically engineered to resist browning should be as safe for cultivation as earlier varieties of GE apples with the same trait, says a USDA agency in inviting public comment on its assessment. (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Agency)

Canola rivals wheat: Canadian farmers planted nearly as much land to canola, a source of cooking oil, as their mainstay of wheat – 22.5 million acres vs 23.4 million acres. (Statistics Canada)