Today’s quick hits, June 3, 2022

FDA to reassess BPA risks: After more than a decade of pressure from environmental health advocates, the Food and Drug Administration is set to reconsider the health effects of BPA, a common and controversial chemical used in plastic food packaging. (E&E News)

Right-to-repair lawsuits: Nine class-action, right-to-repair lawsuits against Deere and Co. will be consolidated and argued in U.S. district court in Chicago, said a federal judicial panel on multi-district litigation. (DTN/Progressive Farmer)

More infant formula: The FDA cleared Nestlé to import 440,000 pounds of infant formula, the equivalent of 6.5 million 8-ounce bottles, in coming weeks, boosting total imports in an administration drive to address formula shortages to the equivalent of 94.5 million bottles. (White House)

Ukraine grain stalemate persists: While many options are being considered, a solution has not yet emerged to free up to 25 million tonnes of grain stranded in Ukraine by warfare and needed in hungry countries in the Middle East and North Africa. (New York Times)

A bee is a fish: Insects are not mentioned in California’s endangered species law, but a state appellate court decided that the law’s broad definition of fish, which mentions invertebrates, includes bumblebees. (Reason)