Today’s quick hits, June 20, 2018

Small town? Shrink Smart! (NPR): With rural towns likely to get smaller, two members of Iowa State’s architecture faculty are promoting Shrink Smart, which says towns should focus on assuring a high quality of life for their citizens rather than pursuing new residents.

New ways, old gear (Popular Science): Young farmers are mixing new techniques with old equipment, building operations that combine internet sales with 50-year-old tractors and hand-powered devices invented in the 1700s.

Scare tactics (Harvard): In a study at a hospital cafeteria, researchers found that warning labels linking sugary drinks to obesity, diabetes, or tooth decay more effectively discouraged the purchase of those drinks than printed warnings or calorie lists.

Immigration hits may hurt farms (Politico): White House aides plan additional crackdowns on immigration, including limits on visas for agricultural guestworkers, before the November midterm elections to show Trump administration success on the issue.

USDA gets a new budget director (USDA): Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue appointed Erica Navarro as director of the USDA’s Office of Budget and Program Analysis. She takes over from acting director Diem-Linh Jones.