Today’s quick hits, June 18, 2019

Butter vs. margarine battle rages on (Bloomberg): Wisconsin is attempting to support the dairy industry by banning plant-based dairy alternatives from labeling themselves as “butter,” creating issues for at least one producer of such products.

How to grow a rural population? Pay up (Christian Science Monitor): Rural states like Vermont, South Dakota, and Wyoming are paying  people to move to their states, hoping to boost population.

India puts tariffs on U.S. ag exports (New York Post): India announced tariffs on $240 million of U.S. exports – including apples, almonds, lentils, walnuts and some chemical products – in retaliation for its loss of preferred trade status.

Hackney to lead small-farmer advocate (NSAC): Sarah Hackney, grassroots director of the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition for nearly eight years, was elected as NSAC coalition director and will start the new role in mid-July.

Sniffer dogs for infected citrus trees (UCANR): Dogs could be used to identify citrus trees infected with the bacterium that causes citrus greening disease sooner and far quicker than human scouts.