Today’s quick hits, June 13, 2018

From hay to hops (New York Times): Amid low milk prices, some dairy farmers are converting their barns to tap rooms and starting craft breweries to keep their farms afloat.

Condiment giants square off (Bloomberg): Since it bought Frank’s RedHot and French’s mustard last year, McCormick & Co. is fighting for more grocery aisle space, bringing it head to head with Kraft Heinz Co. Heinz bought Kraft in 2015.

Tribe scores salmon victory (E&E News): A tie vote in the Supreme Court means Washington State is obliged to clean out culverts in order to restore salmon runs, a victory for Native Americans.

Incomplete data on antibiotics in livestock (Wired): In the era of Big Data, information about antibiotic use by the livestock industry is “limited, incomplete and hostage to commercial interests — all of which keeps Americans from fully understanding how bad raising practices put our health at risk.”

The 270-percent solution (Wisconsin Agriculturalist): Is President Trump correct when he says Canada has a 270-percent tariff on U.S. dairy? Yes and no. Tariffs are high at the margins but the U.S. ships more milk products to Canada than it allows Canada to send south of the border.

Pruitt says he has ethanol power (Reuters): EPA administrator Scott Pruitt said during a visit to an ethanol plant that he has the authority to allow year-round sales of higher blends of ethanol into gasoline, but did not commit to approving the sales. He also said he still likes the idea of counting biofuel exports toward the RFS.