Today’s quick hits, June 12, 2020

China rebuilds its hog industry — in town (Reuters): As China recovers from the epidemic that decimated its hog herds, it is building industrial pig farms in the suburbs of major cities throughout the nation to assure a local supply of meat.

‘Touch-free’ vineyards (Wine Business): California vineyards are getting larger at the same time that labor is getting scarcer and more expensive, said a UC-Davis extension specialist in discussing a “touch-free” experimental vineyard where mechanization is used to the fullest.

Appeals court looks at 2,4-D herbicide (DTN/Progressive Farmer): The same appellate court that nullified EPA registration of the weedkiller dicamba — although with a different set of judges — will hear a case against Corteva’s Enlist Duo herbicide, which combines glyphosate and 2,4-D. Plaintiffs say the EPA did not adequately consider the risks of the herbicide.

Food as protest (Food and Wine): Food has been a means of resistance and rebellion, as well as a part of culture and community, for black people since they were brought in slavery to North America.

Drought expands in Plains (USDA): Drought now covers 25 percent of U.S. winter wheat land, up from 22 percent last week, and includes 39 percent of the wheat acreage in Kansas, the No. 1 state for winter wheat.