Today’s quick hits, June 1, 2018

Food choices and climate (InsideClimate News): A study in the journal Science looks at food consumption and agricultural production to calculate the climate impact of diets. The connections are complex — one bowl of rice may have six times the impact of another.

The non-retirement of Marion Nestle (Civil Eats): Although she recently retired as a New York University professor, Nestle, a leading voice on nutrition and food issues, shows no signs of slowing down.

Disaster program is open again (USDA): Beginning June 4, the Farm Service Agency will be accepting applications for disaster payments from producers of livestock, honeybees, and farm-raised fish.

Two insects to bug farmers (DTN/Progressive Farmer): Two invasive insects — the Asiatic garden beetle and the spotted lanternfly — have entomologists particularly concerned this year for the threat they pose to crops.

Guestworker program grows (The Packer): The Labor Department may issue 240,000 H-2A visas for seasonal labor on farms, triple the total of 2012. Growers say that although H-2A workers are expensive, they need a reliable workforce while immigration reform is stalled in Congress.

A deal for Churchill? (AGCanada): Under an agreement in principle, a new partnership will restore service on the Hudson Bay Railway and take over managing the Port of Churchill, the farthest-north ag export terminal in Canada.