Today’s Quick Hits, July 3, 2019

USDA sued over school nutrition standards (Center for Food Safety): In the suit, the Center for Food Safety claims the USDA unlawfully withheld public documents related to its rollback of nutrition standards for children and school lunch.

A vaccine for African swine fever? (AgWeb): Though global experts remain skeptical, Vietnam reports that it has had “initial success” in trials of a new vaccine for the disease that has ravaged its pork industry.

Agricultural drone market set to soar (Yahoo Finance): The drone market, already worth nearly $10 billion, is forecast to grow by more than 7 percent annually through 2024.

Criminalizing the ‘veggie burger’ (Good Food Institute): Upton’s Naturals and the Plant Based Foods Association filed a First Amendment suit to overturn a Mississippi state law that criminalizes using the term “meat” or meat-related terms such as “burger” on labels for plant-based and cell-based foods.