Today’s quick hits, July 20, 2022

A climate emergency: As hopes for climate action in Congress stall, President Biden weighs declaring a national climate emergency. (Washington Post)

EPA finds insecticide impact: The EPA released a draft evaluation showing that the insecticide sulfoxaflor is potentially putting 24 species of insects in jeopardy of extinction, including Karner blue butterflies and American burying beetles; the insecticide is also highly toxic to bees. (Center for Biological Diversity)

Europe’s heat: Scientists say heat waves in Europe are increasing in frequency and intensity at a faster rate than almost any other part of the planet, including the western United States. (New York Times)

Sri Lanka’s meltdown and organic ag: Commentators blamed the economic meltdown in Sri Lanka on the president’s ban on chemical fertilizers, but a host of other factors, including the collapse of foreign remittances, was largely to blame. (Politico)