Today’s quick hits, July 1, 2022

Win for Iowa CAFOs: In a blow to rural property owners, the Iowa Supreme Court gave livestock farms partial immunity from lawsuits alleging that water pollution or odors from the farms create a nuisance. (Associated Press)

EPA suggests atrazine rules: The EPA, in an effort to protect aquatic plants, has proposed new restrictions on the weedkiller atrazine, including prohibiting applications from the air and during rainstorms. (DTN/Progressive Farmer)

Social values, food choices: Americans’ willingness to eat genetically engineered food is driven primarily “by their existing social values about food, science and technology, institutional trust, and awareness” of the foods and not by the foods’ safety, cost, taste, or appearance, said researchers. (Iowa State University)

Wheat growers’ wish list: Priorities for the 2023 farm bill include a higher reference price — a key factor in calculating crop subsidies — a “strong” crop insurance program, voluntary conservation programs, and export promotion, said a trade group for wheat growers. (NAWG)