Today’s quick hits, Jan. 9, 2023

Eggs at $7.37 a dozen: Retail egg prices in California are three times higher than a year ago, a result of bird flu outbreaks that have killed millions of egg-laying chickens, including hens producing the cage-free eggs mandated by Proposition 12. (Los Angeles Times)

Vaccine for honey bees: The USDA approved the first-ever vaccine to prevent American foulbrood disease, a widespread and destructive bacterial disease, among honey bees, said Diamond Animal Health, which received the conditional license. (CNN)

Listening session rescheduled: An agricultural listening session will be held at the Pennsylvania Farm Show on Friday, six days later than initially planned because of time needed to elect a House Speaker. (Thompson)

Glaciers melting: Two-thirds of the world’s glaciers will melt out of existence by the end of this century because of climate change, according to a study. (Associated Press)