Today’s quick hits, Jan. 7, 2019

USDA postpones January crop reports indefinitely (USDA): As expected, the USDA postponed the scheduled Jan. 11 release of major reports on U.S. and world crops due to the partial government shutdown, with the new release date to be set when funding is restored.

Seven issues in U.S.-China trade talks (Bloomberg): Farm exports are among seven issues that will be key in mid-level trade talks this week in China, with low expectations of a breakthrough.

Who to watch in food and ag (Food Tank): The self-described think tank for food lists 119 organizations, from foundations and green groups to urban farmers and food banks, “to keep an eye on in 2019 that are working towards a more sustainable food system.”

Shutdown = science slowdown (San Francisco Chronicle): Much of the government’s scientific establishment is halted by the partial federal shutdown, and “the crucial work of scientists on such subjects as wildfires, as well as water, climate, space exploration and more, is not getting done or soon won’t be.”