Today’s quick hits, Jan. 6, 2022

CHS sees record income: Agribusiness cooperative CHS Inc. reported first-quarter net income of $452 million — its highest ever and six times its net income for the same period in 2021 — thanks to the global economic recovery and robust demand for grains and oilseeds. (CHS)

Fewer rural rioters: Fourteen percent of Americans live in rural areas, but only 12 percent of rioters arrested for invading the U.S. Capitol one year ago had rural addresses, according to an analysis of arrestees. (Daily Yonder)

California drought persists: California received more precipitation in the final three months of 2021 than in the preceding 12 months, easing but not eliminating the drought that covers the state. (Los Angeles Times)

Food risks from birds: Birds that forage on the ground near cattle are more likely than birds that eat insects to spread pathogenic bacteria to vegetable crops, say researchers at the University of California-Davis, though only one case of food-borne illness has been linked conclusively to birds. (UC-Davis)

Minimal label impact: Mandatory labels identifying foods with GMO ingredients may have a limited effect on consumer purchases, according to a study of cereal sales in Vermont, perhaps because certification under alternative labels such as the Non-GMO Project is already available. (Food Dive)