Today’s quick hits, Jan. 31, 2023

Canada, Mexico ‘ignore’ USMCA: The Biden administration must be ready to pursue enforcement actions as necessary under the USMCA because Canada and Mexico “continue to ignore” their obligations, including in agriculture, said leaders of the Senate Finance Committee. (Finance)

Kernza disappoints on yields: Kernza attracts attention as a perennial wheat but its yields are about one-third of conventional wheat and it may be 15 years or more before plant breeders bring a high-yielding variety to market. (Ambrook Research)

Torres Small for deputy: Xochitl Torres Small, the Agriculture undersecretary for rural development, is a top contender to succeed Jewel Bronaugh as deputy secretary, according to “six people familiar with internal deliberations.” (Politico)

Rural electric infrastructure loans: Some 64 electrical cooperatives and utilities will receive $2.7 billion in USDA loans to expand and modernize the rural electric grid and improve grid security; the largest loan, $263 million, goes to Great Lakes Energy Cooperative in Michigan. (USDA)

Ag census deadline near: Responses are due on Monday to questionnaires for the Census of Agriculture, conducted every five years and providing the government’s most detailed description of the farm sector. (National Agricultural Statistics Service)